Selecting a company to install your Automated Door access system and security cameras for your gym, health club, or fitness center.

“Selecting a company to install your Automated Door access system and security cameras for your gym, health club, or fitness center.”

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I found out the hard way how to select a company such as ADT for installing my access system and my security cameras.

First i called up two companies to give me a price, i should have called 4 or 5.

Next i met the ADT rep at my gym and told him what i need my system to do. this was my second mistake, because i later found out he forgot what i needed and just sent what he thought i needed. I should have written down exactly what i needed and got him to sign it’s upon agreeing to take the job. The written agreement would have looked something like this:

  • Door access system MUST have a PIN PAD for entering numbers or using a card to access the door.    ( I have the HID ENTRYPROX system) **NOTE** this is in case members lose their card and you wont have to go let them in every time they need in and forget it at home or lose it. I stopped giving out the cards and now only use the PIN #’s with my members and they love it. they didn’t like the cards because of the reasons above.
  • Must have software for computer to monitor the PIN #’s being used to get in the door. ( this they told me wasn’t available for the pin pad system, but the salesman told me it was, come to find out they make a handheld PALM device and a computer monitored system called the “EDGE” for my application. Get the computer monitoring system not the PALM it is very confusing to use. I would have to redo my whole system now in order to hook my computer to the “EDGE” system they recommend with the HID system.
  • Must have a battery back up for the door system in case the power goes out. (when they installed mine they didn’t put one in and the power wnet off and the door was unlocked for a day and anyone could come in, with the battery backup it can last aslong as the unit you choose will allow)
  • The security cameras must have a DVR (digital video recorder) and the bigger the better, mine records for up to 40 days continuous without looping back over the 1 day.
  • Security cameras must beable to be monitored from a laptop computer,( man i love this feature. I have caught a few people using other PIN #’s to get in that no longer had a membership #. and believe me when you put up a note that you can monitor the system from home, everyone pays attention!!!!!)
  • Must have a battery backup on the security cameras system in case the power goes down you can still record what’s going on.

**These are the things you MUST have written down and have them sign, they will forget or try to get out of putting some of it in if you don’t.

I have a few friends that had the same problems with ADT, and they are both in different states, so it’s not just Alabama.

The biggest thing that really made me mad was the bill was higher when they got done because the estimate was so confusing, and my other friends had the same exact thing happen to them when the job was done we all paid about $2,000 more than expected. GET IT IN WRITING and make sure if they figure the estimate 2 different ways, like with  4 cameras or 8 cameras, that they put the estimates on different papers. My rep did two estimates on one paper and it was so confusing that it coat me because he said some of it was from here and some from there and it cost $2000 more in the end, but i couldn’t argue because i told them to thinking it was one thing and it was another.

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