What are the steps I take in Marketing fitness centers, gyms, or health clubs from start to finish, by marketing consultant Shannon Cook

I have set up a system that I use to market fitness centers, or any type of business for that fact.

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  1. I start with doing an interview with the business owner called an Opportunity Analysis, because i need to find what you offer that i can turn into a marketing campaign.
  2. I come up with a USP (unique selling proposition) for the business to use in everything they do. This is sometimes called an “elevator pitch”.
  3. Then i implement that USP into everything marketing wise from the staff on the phone to the web site, to the business cards and everything in between. This one thing has brought me more business than almost all the others because it ties it all together.
  4. I write press releases for the news papers, tv and radio to get noticed for free.
  5. I write copy for all of the above that will catch the attention of prospects, I’m not trying to win any awards for graphics or slogans, they sound good but you really must spend money like coke or pepsi to be successful to do that type of slogan marketing. Its like throwing a granade out and only hitting a few people, i like to concentrate on people that are actually interested in what im offering.
  6.  I then teach you all the tricks that i do for direct marketing and for your website that you will continue to use for years to come that will actually be done after you get the prospect on your list to send mail outs or e-mails to that sooner or later will bring them in without bugging them to death and end up hating you like so many businesses do that send too many offers too often and without any useable content that is valuable to them.

There’s only two ways my prospects get off my list of mailings or emails:

  • Asked to be taken off
  • or Die

I will show you how I get these prospects from an e-mail opt-in form on my web site to using a list broker to get the names and addresses of the people that fit my criteria.

I NEVER COLD CALL, EVER!!! i hate this form of marketing more than any out there. Many gym’s do it, but i don’t waste my time on it, i don’t have to.

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