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What can you Learn from Barack Obama about Marketing your Fitness center, gym, or health club?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

What can you Learn from Barack Obama about Marketing your Fitness center, gym, or health club?

Weather you like or dislike The president to be Barack Obama, you have to admit that he ran a great campaign. He got people to market him to make him to make it look like he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Why do i call it a marketing campaign? because anytime you try to get someone to buy an idea, product , or service, it’s marketing and advertising.

Bear with me for a minute please?

Barack Obama’s campaign managers had a fairly easy job because no matter who the republicans put up. With the economy almost in a depression,  and spending money like a drunk 6 year old, it wasn’t hard to sell change. You could easily see that John McCain wasn’t gonna be change, but  Barack will hopefully bring the type of change we need.

of course we know different now that nothing has changed but has gotten worse, because once again we have a no nothing about business president in office

Now for the marketing lesson’s from Barack Obama’s camp.

  • came up with a Tag Line or USP (unique selling proposition) that people wanted to hear. I thought it was cheesy, but obviously other people didn’t.
  • Incorporated that tag line into everything he did and put out.
  • He told the benefits, not features, of what voting for him would bring.
  • He got people to get up off their couches and respond by pushing the right hot buttons.
  • He gave them a call to action, by telling them how to respond by voting.
  • He summarized his message at the end of his campaign, by telling all the benefits again.
  •  He drove people to his website with all his materials and  his message, and once there they were gotten excited and then asked to donate to his campaign.
  •  He also had people go door to door in every city in America to get his message out there.

You can use these same tricks to market your business. Start with a USP, and then come up with all the benefits they will get by using your gym, then drive them to your website or business, then summarize your offering face to face, and lastly, tell them how to buy.

On the opposite end is The John McCain campaign. He never came up with a message at all, he kept changing his ideas to match whatever happenings were going on at the time. which led us to believe he was gonna do the same things that President George W.  Bush has done.

He never came up with a USP at all. and never did i see a “GO TO THIS WEBSITE” message on campaign stuff like Obama had. McCain didn’t push bumper stickers like George Bush did last election and Obama this time also.

Its almost like it was a new age marketer from Madison Avenue that doesn’t really know how to market successfully, against a old time successful copywriter like Claude Hopkins.

So you see how Barack Obama had a definite advantage over John McCain, besides having the economy on his side. I congratulate him and his campaign workers on their victory.

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Write golf fitness or Bowling fitness marketing sales copy for your gym,fitness center, or health club to attract a different member types

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Write golf fitness or Bowling fitness sales copy for your gym,fitness center, or health club to attract a different member types

If your looking to attract different types of members that normally don’t think they can benefit from a gym membership, look into marketing to the highly profitable niche’s such as Golf Fitness, or Bowling Fitness or any other unmarketed niche no one else thinks of, and advertise to them.

Start off with a headline like “Shave 2 strokes off your next game of Golf by exercising those particular muscles responsible for your Golf swing while improving concentration”

You can see how marketing to a unmarketed niche can bring in members you would never see otherwise. But make sure the sales copy is great, or you won’t catch their attention.

hope this helps. please post questions or comments.

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