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How to make a virtual Gym tour video that presells your memberships for you

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

How to make a virtual Gym tour video that pre sells your memberships for you

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 I made a very simple video tour of my gym TEMPLE GYM, because i kept getting calls and emails about how the 24 hour thing works, and rightly so, because that’s part of the sales persons job.

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Watch my gym video tour, then read on to discover how i did it.

If you want to see my site its at

So, I will tell you what to do. First off, don’t try to go to school for video editing to learn how to make a great explosive video, your not going to the Film festival, are you? here’s what to do.

Please don’t ever get a digital camera and stand in one place and turn around in circles, when someone watches it online it will make you dizzy, not to mention that you cant even tell whats what because it looks like you were standing in front of a circus mirror.

Now here’s what to do:

  • get a digital or video camera, or you could even use a good cell phone if the picture is good enough.
  • have someone film you starting in the parking lot, just like you met them out there to greet them.
  • DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAMERA AT ALL, look at the person holding the camera and act just like you do when someone comes in to visit and see how your gym works.
  • give that camera holder your undivided attention and smile and even laugh if your funny.
  • just talk in simple terms that a 4th grader can understand, don’t get technical, you may have a few people wanting the technical answers, but not the average gym visitor.
  • don’t have a model do the video, you want it to look very homemade, that’s why you tube is so popular.
  • Get a You Tube Account
  • upload the video to you tube, and now you tube actually has an editing feature built in. Cut out whatever you need to. I have a simple editing program called ULEAD VIDEO STUDIO, but you don’t need any of that.
  • All i cut out of my gym video was the beginning where i messed up and the end where it took a minute to cut off the camera and some in between where i was opening the door and she almost dropped the camera. I even added text clouds to some of it.
  • Upload the final edited video.
  • wait for google to finish the uploading.
  • They’ll give you an “embed” code that you can cut and paste into your site wherever you want.

 Good luck.

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