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Inexpensive electronic door deadbolts for employee only access areas of your 24 hour gym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Inexpensive electric deadbolts for

 gym employee access control


 Kwikset 907 L03 CP Security Power bolt Electronic Deadbolt, Polished Brass, holds 2 sets of codes, one for you and one for temporary employees in case you want to change it often.

 This is the one I have, I got it for $75 on

I got tired of my employees forgetting their keys and asking me where a spare was when I wasn’t around, so I remembered the electronic deadbolt I had on my old house and went looking for something similar.

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The only thing I didn’t like about the old one i had was that it kept losing the numbers i programmed into it, but after a little research, I found out they fixed the bugs they had when they first came out.

I got mine NEW from, one used and one new, don’t buy used from ebay unless they guarantee it and have tested it. seems to be way better for service.

  Yyou can get them from $50 to $400 but I like the $70-$120 models. they have keyed access also in case the battery or a short in the electrical happens. Their is a blinking light on mine that is green when the battery is fine but blinks red when the battery needs replaced.

I can program up to 2 codes into mine, some can take up to 60 different codes, but are the more costly ones.

If you already have locks on your other doors, you can check the name on them and if they are either “schlage” or “weiser” you can buy that brand of electronic deadbolt and have it keyed to match your old door knobs.

Both schlage and weiser make excellent electronic deadbolts.

I like to use these locks on my office, and security camera dvr room. 

 Good Luck! to your success.  Shannon Cook  

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