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So Planet Fitness Just Moved in Town, what does your Gym do to compete with a $10 a month Planet Fitness Gym?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

So Planet FitnessJust Moved in Town,

 what can your Gym do to compete with

 a $10 a month Gym?

I had this happen to me and the owner of Worlds Gym in my town of Tuscaloosa Alabama

First of all, I must mention that my town was torn apart by the April 27th tornado that totally destroyed Planet Fitness and Worlds Gym which were about 300 yards apart

Now let me tell you how they came to be so close to each other and what happened because of that

The Worlds gym used to be a Golds Gym until the franchise raised their franchise fees so much the owner decided to change over to Worlds Gym a few years ago.

He did pretty well until he made a fatal business decision

He bought some property behind big lots which is in the same shopping center that his Golds Gym in was for 20 years, the location was like going from the busiest shopping center with plenty of parking to a storage building in the shady part of town, which is what it looked like.

He then built a big metal 2 story building there and made his second fatal mistake. He didn’t have but a few windows in the whole building and no store front really to make it look like a Gym Business.

Then Planet Fitness moved into his old Gold Gym space in the busy shopping center.

Needless to say, $10 a month compared to his $45 to $70 a month for single membership with a locker and towels is a no brainer especially when the economy went south.

He didn’t do any advertising at all, when he owned Golds he really didn’t need to because he was the only gym in town. Now he had competition and still didn’t heed the call of Marketing his Gym.

he couldn’t compete with$10 MONTH but the could compete with atmosphere and the exact opposite type gym members as Planet Fitness is going after, which are the treadmillers. His base is serious gym goers.

Here’s how he could have competed:

1. Have a website that has the info potential members actually want and not flashy and corporate looking, for an example of what i do for my gym and others like mine you can look at my website and one of my clients website, Will Herring, a NFL football player for the Seattle Seahawks who hired me to open his gym and market it. my website is and Will Herrings Gym Website  is

2. Target your market. stay away from the everyone is my target, because you’ll never hit your target market like that.

3. Use a email marketing system like I do with aweber email marketing at

4. Use banners by the road side if your city lets you. I must say that i have had great luck with funny banners that get attention like this one that is a little risky but hey, that’s how I Roll, IE. I’m also a part time Stand Up Comedian so people expect it from me.

Here’s the headline on the banner I came up with, by the way always use a headline on your banners to catch attention!!! Here it is, “TIRED OF BEING FAT AND UGLY? JUST WANT TO BE UGLY? THEN GO TO WWW.TEMPLEGYM.TV OR CALL 222-2222

Told you it was edgy, but i got a ton of compliments, especially from ugly people!

Anyway, after the Tornado swept through town and destroyed my competitions buildings, I heard the owner of World’s Gym wasn’t going to rebuild because he was losing money every month big time because of Planet Fitness, so he’s kinda of glad in a way.

Planet fitness is rebuilding and I’m considering opening a gym on the other side of town because i know i can compete.

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Thanks and God Bless, Shannon Cook