Actual Audio Examples of Funny Best selling Radio Ad’s for Fitness Centers and how to write a Radio Ad for a Fitness Center that cost way less than 60 second ads but still gets your message across

Audio Examples of Funny Best selling Radio Ad’s for Fitness Centers and how to write a Radio Ad for a Fitness Center

My name is Shannon Cook, I’ve written many radio ads for many businesses. I own Temple Gym and Tanning salon in Tuscaloosa Alabama and have helped others open Gyms also. I wrote a book about how to open a gym from scratch that includes how to market a fitness center.

If you’re interested go to or click on the book cover to your right and you can buy the downloadable book there.

I helped Will Herring open his 24 hour fitness center in Auburn, Alabama, Will bought my ebook off the internet and hired me to help him open his gym,  I write most of  his radio ads too and he’s had great success with them.

Will Herring is an NFL football player with the New Orleans Saints and has played for the Seattle Seahawks also. The NFL lockout of 2011 allowed him to fulfill his dream of owning a gym.

Im going to put the actual audio ads up for you to hear also.

Now, let me start by saying that I only run 15 second radio ads for my gym, but Will has tried 15, 30, and 60 second ads with success in all, but for the money, I get my message across in 15 seconds so I don’t do the longer ads unless I have some special that takes longer than that to get across.

As long as I can get Temple Gym (my Gym Name)  and Website ( said two or three times , and then a funny short message to fit in between, then im good.

 I’ve found that people usually tune out after that first 15 seconds if they’ve heard the ad before, but they’ll usually not change the station if they know it’s a short ad and there’s a chance the music will return after my ad goes off, so in that way I get my ad in their head even if they think they’ve tuned it out. Yes, subliminally they hear it anyway.

I forgot to mention that I’m also a part time Comedian, (Yes, a Standup Comedian and I own a gym) so I have plenty of experience with humor writing. I don’t shy away from fat jokes either, which you’ll hear in the radio ads.

Here’s some written examples of some ads i wrote, not funny but strait to the point

Temple Gym in Northport is a 24 hour fully automated gym. Temple Gym is also the only gym known to offer a 100% risk free
guarantee. Check out the specials at Temple Gym on the web at that’s or
call 333-9999

Herring Fitness, located by makitas restaurant, is a 24 hour fully automated gym with a 30 day guarantee
ladies love our privacy and security and men like wide aray of equipment we have. check out the video tour on the web at thats or call 887-9999

Listen to the ads below for Herring Fitness and see what you think





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