How to start a Gym affordably or keep your Gym Equipment updated by buying Used equipment

The best and most affordable option for almost any fitness center to update your equipment is to buy used and remanufactured from the start.

I’ve always researched used equipment dealers because that’s how I got my fitness center started. I could not afford new fitness equipment so I went the used route and have never regretted it. I have found a great dealer and will pass them on to you to check out if your in the market.

They have complete gym packages available, which is invaluable since you don’t have to buy from 3 or 4 different folks, believe me on this one, it was a an ordeal.

The dealer I recommend is USED GYM EQUIPMENT, their website is WWW.USEDGYMEQUIPMENT.COM

One thing that I like about this one dealer I found is that they carry my favorite brands that last a long time. I love anything Cybex for cardio, they have came a long way in durability, and they carry a lot of these. If your looking to buy gym equipment for any business like gym, hotel, school, home gym equipment. They even carry Crossfit Equipment

Here’s a link to what they carry and how they can help you either start a fitness center or update your current gym.

If your starting a gym I would start by searching their database of fitness equipment and also by reading my book at

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