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How to really Market a Fitness Center, especially your tired of doing just enough safe stuff to survive

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

How to Really Market your Fitness Center and quit just surviving

So you’ve been doing just enough safe stuff to survive with your Fitness Center?

I did too, and here’s some of what I did.

I took my Gym from 60 members and two months away from closing to over 300 members and doubled my rates from the previous rates. I did just enough safe stuff to survive Until another gym opened that offered way more than my gym did.

I had a crisis to deal with. Necessity is the father of all inventions. I visited other gyms and looked for what I could do that would change my gym to something the others didn’t offer and decided to convert my gym into a 24 hour fitness center access system. But just converting my gym to an automated gym didn’t save it alone. I had to market it to make people understand what automated meant. I started my gym radio ad campaign, news releases, website with video demonstration, and former member reactivation letters.

That’s the shorthand of how I turned my gym around. You can get the exact details on how I did everything from getting and installing my 24 hour system, how I did my website, and how I wrote my ads and press releases along with what I wrote exactly. For all the info of what’s in the book and to get your copy immediately by email go to


Shannon Cook is owner of temple gym and tanning in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is a fitness business consultant to the fitness and gym industry. contact Shannon at