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The best App I’ve found for fitness center’s to get gym prospects in your door

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

I do a lot of marketing for not only Gym’s but other businesses like my Maintenance business,a few restaurants, and a drywall company, the one App I’ve found that is the best that people actually use, like me, i use it all the time to find places around me. Its “YELP”.

YELP is an excellent app and it has a ton of potential customers using it. Two things to do, actually three.

1. Download and sign up for YELP, type in your business and add it to your account. you can then upload pictures, which I highly recommend, take many photos of your entrance and equipment and upload them. add business hours and website and phone number and your done.

2. Go to google business and add your business, you may have to have a google account too before adding your business. they will mail you a verification code in two weeks to complete it.

3. Go to BING and do the same as above, they will also mail you a verification code to complete and how to do it.

The other advantages of having Yelp, Google, and Bing, is that others can now add reviews to all three which puts you higher into the rankings. ask people that you know had a great experience at you business to leave reviews on at least one of the above.

Hopefully you run your business great and you wont get negative reviews, you cant please everyone, but if your good reviews outweigh the bad then you still in good shape. ask for good reviews. it has paid off greatly for the businesses I help.

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Thanks, Shannon Cook


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