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Market your Fitness Center like a 7th Grade Love Note

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

We’ve all written love notes. I have done my share of love notes and poems. In fact I just finished a goal of writing a poem a day for 30 days to my wife. Some sad, some funny, and some serious. This exercise has done wonders for my relationship.  its the same thing we’re trying to when we want to get a prospect into our businesses.

A love note is absolutely nothing but “absolute focused Marketing of ones self”

Realizing this I decided to take this approach to writing my marketing materials. I would not start off a love letter with Just my name and put a phone number on it and stop there. which is what all display advertisements are. I’d start off with an attention getter. Just like a poem does with the headline “roses are red, violets are blue”.

Some love letters are serious and some are funny. I always find myself starting off pretty serious, then funny, then back to serious when I reread the letters and poems I write to my wife. I do sometimes just write funny stuff though. After all funny was what got me my wife and I love telling jokes so it suits my style and what everyone came to expect from my marketing for my gym, from the radio ads where I wrote about the “most interesting man in the gym” to emails where the headline was about me getting divorced if I ran another special.

One of my Gym Marketing Campaigns was about “being tired of getting cheated on”.

By campaign I mean, I combined Radio ads, Emails, Road side banners, and Website. I put it into everything. It was about people going to a gym across town when they have me close by. Kinda like having a good man or woman that treats them right, looks good, goes to church, has a great job, cleans the house, does charity work, adopts stray kittens and puppy’s, tells them go with their friends to the movies and enjoy themselves, exercises and is in great shape, makes great love, cooks, doesn’t like to spend money frivolously, loves to take long walks, has blue eyes, tall, and tans like Brad Pitt in the movie “Troy”.

It worked great having that funny aspect but getting attention by the “cheating aspect” of it. People really respond to a total fitness marketing campaign if you especially if you combine it right.

Write a love letter to your Fitness Center prospects and use it through your Radio Ads, Facebook, email subscribers, website, banners, and mailing list.

What a better time to do a Fitness center love letter marketing campaign than Valentines Day.


Here’s and example of “A Gym Marketing Love Letter”

I know I cheated, I know I lied

I heard about cross fit, but after it thought I had died

Then I heard about the $10 gym, but planet fitness was loaded to the brim

I know you gave me the very best deal, your open 24 hours, and the tanning included was a steal

You even gave me a 30 day guarantee to try and see, and all your competition did was laugh at me

They used pick up lines like they had a chance, but even zumba cost extra and I cant even dance

Tanning was extra too, everything cost more just like at the zoo

I know I tried another gym because they were dirt cheap, just like Radio Shack, and I’ll never go back

So what do you say, can I come home to stay

I miss you my gym, I’ll even go to church, we’ll go to couples therapy and talk till it hurts

Where else could I find another gym, that’s $35 a month, is open 24 hours a day, includes tanning and 3 free training sessions to get me started, and is so clean always.

Oh Temple Gym, Temple Gym, in Northport, Can I at least visit your website and watch the video tour I keep hearing so much about at

I keep hearing how really simple, and funny the video tour is, but how it tells me everything I can ever want to know about what your doing now, I even hear you have all your prices on the internet for all to see. I know your competition doesn’t like to hear this because they act like a bunch of used car sales people with their “just get them in the door then sucker them into signing what they don’t want.” I also hear you have very unique emails i can get by signing up on the form at the website.

I’ll see you soon, Love from a former gym member/soon to be current member


This is just something different you can mail out to your former members to try to reactivate them, it has poetry, maybe cheesy poetry but none the less it rhymes, it has funny, and true statements, and mostly, call to action to visit the website or come in.

Try this approach to regain former members or send out in an email to new or potential members.

Shannon Cook is the author of the Book “How to Start and Market a 24 hour Fitness Center”

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