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A fitness marketers troubling experiences while spying on gyms in Tuscaloosa Alabama

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Why most Local Gyms are barely surviving when they could be thriving.

Planet fitness is jam packed almost every day. they are the low price leaders. $10 a month is hard to compete against after all. not impossible though. But no one is willing to try it seems.

There are several gyms close by, but no one I’ve met yet in the area even knows the other gyms exist. There is perhaps the nicest gym in all of Tuscaloosa located 3/4 a mile away across from a huge apartment complex and in the middle of all the action, but no one even knows its there.

It’s always empty except for maybe one or two people. It has everything you could ask for, cleanliness, great atmosphere, excellent equipment, showers, massage chair, tanning, and their 24 hour automated. They have two things going hard against them. They are 4 times more expensive than their nearest competitor “planet fitness”. The second thing is that they don’t market, they rely on word of mouth which obviously isn’t working.

The other gyms in the area are cross fit gyms and a YMCA. None of which hardly market at all

Northport is another area with several gym’s. The biggest and best, and perhaps has the market in Northport cornered is Northridge Fitness. The place is big, clean, has a great amount of equipment, several personal trainers, and offers several programs for kids too. They market from within, they could however have many more members if they to would market more outside. Things like having a better website, put an email form on their website for potential members to sign up on, be active on apps like yelp and google business, and run radio ads. That said, they are great at customer service

The other big gym in Tuscaloosa is Fitness One, located one mile above Northridge Fitness. Its an older building, which seems a little run down, customer service is not very good, a trainer had to stop training a class just to come show me around quickly so he could get back to his class, while two employees stayed at the front desk talking. I felt bad for drawing him away from training to give me a tour while one of the staff could have shown me around. It was a super quick tour if you can imagine. Then i found out the price was double the other gyms around, it did include classes but they didn’t have an option for the folks not wanting to take a class. They also don’t market, and it shows.

The other two gyms in Northport are 24 hour smaller gyms. Old school gyms that could do really well if they cleaned their gyms and marketed to let more people know they are their. There’s defiantly a niche of people who prefer plate loaded ¬†cleanliness seems to be an issue with some 24 hour gyms for some reason.

Cleanliness is marketing just as running a radio ad is, people pass that info along to potential members just as the person who stays in a motel 6 does about their experiences when the pull the covers back on their beds. If it doesn’t look clean, they tell others.

These are very simple fixes but most gym owners are trying to run their businesses and do the marketing too and they just don’t know what to do and usually end up following the unsuccessful marketing tactics of other gym’s, and basically end up with whats called marketing incest. They don’t know what they don’t know.



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