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Handwritten business cards for your gym or fitness center business

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Handwritten business cards for your gym, fitness center, or tanning salon that stand out from your competitors and make the receivers laugh, and hold on to them to show their friends

 I like to be different, so instead of getting tattoos to stand out, i use things that will be memorable, and when it comes to business cards i want people to keep and share my cards with others

whats the best way to do that, being funny  

Being a part time comedian, I love making people laugh, so I decided to give prospects something that is out of the ordinary when it comes to business cards.

Here’s the card I made, its two sided, so they see the fat guy and his BEFORE picture, then the AFTER picture on the other side, but either way they read it they laugh


I wrote this out in about an hour and sent it to my printer and had 250 cards made

Every time I hand them out, I get a laugh and have many people come back to me and ask for more to give to their friends, which is the whole point anyway, isn’t it?

What can you come up with that will make a prospect want to keep your card and show it to others?

My wife tells me some of the fitness marketing copywriting ads I come up with may be offensive to someone, but it always the people that aren’t gonna use my gym anyway, so who cares.

One banner I put up said, “being dead 24 hours a day, or exercising 30 minutes a day, which fits your schedule better?”

Another banner I put up was, “Fat and Ugly? Just want to be ugly? Then visit for the fat loss, and the plastic surgeon for the other?

I had people sending me emails all the time and stopping me and telling me how much they loved the banners, and not one complaint.

Want me to write funny stuff for your ads or cards and even radio and tv commercials?

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Shannon cook-  fitness, gym, and tanning salon marketing consultant

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