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My Latest Successful Press Release I wrote about Tim Ferriss’s new book “the four hour body”, and it got the attention of the local news quickly, got my gym noticed, and got some free gym business leads, all because I did one thing, I gave great Information.

Friday, January 7th, 2011

“My Latest Successful Press Release I wrote about Tim Ferriss’s new book “the four hour body”, and it got the attention of the local news quickly, got my gym noticed, and got some free gym business leads, all because I did one thing, I gave great Information”

I didn’t try to push my gym or sell memberships at all when I sent out this press release.

I knew they would see that I really and truly wanted to get this great life changing info out to their readers.

I read Tim Ferriss’s new book “The Four Hour Body” and thought this new way of dieting and exercising would be great for people who think they could never lose their weight and would not want to exercise because they think it takes being in a gym for hours at a time for many days a week.

Tim’s book dispels all that, and so did I

You may not believe that a gym owner would ever tell anyone to stay out of a gym more if they want to lose weight and build more muscle, but in fact its psychological, because they will still have to come to the gym for the tools they need to exercise, I just tell them how they can do it easier.

Here’s the press release that got picked up, and i’m sure it didn’t hurt the sells of  Tim’s book either.

  Temple   902 Union Chapel roadNorthport, AL 35473Phone (205)Email:

Press Release

Contact: Shannon CookPhone: 000000000000Email FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE7 A.M. CST, January 1, 2011


“Gym Owner actually tells gym members to spend less time in his Gym” 


YES, a gym owner said this. “I see people come in all gung ho when they first join the gym only to see them fall off a month later from overdoing it and being so sore they cant move for days, after their first few workouts.

 they think that’s the way they’ll feel after every workout”,and they don’t have to do all that to lose weight and tone up, says Shannon Cook, owner of 24 hour temple gym and tanning salon in Northport, Alabama.

he goes on to tell why you don’t have to become a gym rat to get results

spending 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week is adequate according to “The Colorado experiment”. a study done in 1973 by creator of nautilus fitness equipment, Arthur Jones, and the same experiment done in 2007 by author of the book “four hour body”, Tim Ferriss. The same formula the gym owner/personal trainer now uses for himself and his clients to send their bodies into ultimate fat burning muscle building shock 

The study states

“High-intensity training is not easy . . . the training sessions are brief, indeed must be brief, but there is an apparently natural inclination on the part of most subjects to hold back.” Most exercises are terminated at a point well below an actual point of muscular failure, then, in an effort to compensate for the reduction intensity, the usual practice is to add more exercise to the program.

However, no amount of additional exercise will compensate for a reduction in the intensity of exercise … and if carried to extremes, which such training frequently is, the subject may actually prevent growth by exceeding the recovery ability of the system”.


Arnold Schwarzenegger made exercising to muscle failure popular, and won a record number of competitions by doing it.

however, Arnold did more than 30 minutes of exercising, but he also wanted to have over 200 pounds of muscle on his frame, most of us just want to be TONED, feel good, and have more energy which can be achieved simply by devoting the 30 minutes you exercise to actual intense exercise.

“I know being a gym owner people will find it hard to believe that i’m telling them to spend less time in my gym, but i’d be doing them a disservice by telling them to spend 2 hours per session in here and get burnt out, people don’t have that amount of time these days shannon cook says”, but having a 24 hour fully automated Gym and Tanning Salon makes it easier for gym goers to have all access to the Tools they will need to accomplish any physical goal.


Shannon Cook is a fitness marketing business consultant and can be reached at  for questions or comments.


That’s the exact layout for my press release. always give the reporter or editor good information that they and their readers need to know, and you’ll get free publicity for your fitness center or gym.  this is how I get a lot of my marketing done for free.

If you’d like Shannon to write your press release contact him at

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