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Audio Interview “How to open a 24 hour automated gym with door access and gym software system combo”, with maker of Firebug Software Gym door access and EZclub Gym software all in one, Roger Rabbi founder, interviewed by Fitness Marketer, author, and gym consultant Shannon Cook

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

New Podcast interview includes everything about the 24 hour fitness center access system, EZclub gym software, and exactly how I used this system to transform my gym from 50 members to over 300 in less than 3 months 

 If you own a gym or are thinking of starting a gym, here’s the interview you must listen to below

This system that personally used daily in my gym is the one I also write about in my book “How to start a 24 hour gym from scratch”, to get that book go to

I own this system in my own gym, and with it i saved thousands of dollars on the gym software alone.

Roger Rabbi is the founder of Firebug Software System, a door access, gym software, and security camera system all in one.

Even if you aren’t planning on opening a 24 hour gym, you can use this system for the gym software alone and every gym needs a security camera system.

I wouldn’t dream of opening another gym without an automated system, I try to automate everything from my email system to the lighting in my gym, because i got tired of having to cover for employees not showing up or being sick, now i just have one person working at my gym for 6 hours a day to clean the gym and sign up new members.

I used to have 4 employees and now only have one, saving me over $3,000 a month in labor alone.

My gym membership tripled in only 3 months with the combination of the 24 hour system and the marketing i teach that i actually do in my own gym.

Download it Or Listen live By clicking HERE

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Shannon Cook is a fitness marketing consultant and gym building consultant, You can reach me at

To learn every detail of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here 

How to Start and/or Build a 24 hour Fully Automated Fitness Center, Gym, or Health Club from scratch, including quality exercise equipment, tanning beds, gym software, 24 hour access system, security system, and office equipment, just like I did

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

How to Start and/or Build a 24 hour Fully Automated Fitness Center, Gym, or Health Club from scratch, including quality exercise equipment, tanning beds, gym software, 24 hour access system, security system, and office equipment, just like I did

Learn from Shannon Cook, a current gym owner, former general contractor, commercial building landlord, and Fitness Marketing Consultant, how to go from your IDEA to the Grand Opening of your Fitness Center.

Also, how to convert an existing gym into a 24 hour fitness center by installing a 24 hour automated door access system, 911 system, and security cameras, and if that’s not enough, the gym door access system comes with a gym and fitness center management software system

 I’m so positive you will know everything about how to start a gym form scratch after reading this book, that i’m giving you 182.5 days, that’s 6 months to try it, and if you don’t like it, return it for a full refund

Why listen to me?

Because I did everything wrong before I did anything right. Fortunately I stuck with it and found some very successful businessmen to guide me, then innovated by turning my gym into a 24 hour fully automated gym, then spent over $15,000 to learn marketing the old fashioned way.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

First off, I’ll teach you how I took my gym from 50 members to over 300 in less than 3 months and exactly what I did and still do to make my little back woods gym one of the best known in my town.

Then you’ll learn;


  • Research and Decide what kind of gym you want to open, from a 24 hour automated fitness center like the very popular 24 hour fitness and snap fitness, to a women’s only gym     
  • Incorporating or LLC?
  • Partnerships 
  • Franchise
  • Buy an Existing Club
  • Business Plan and Executive Summary
  •  Writing the Plan  
  •  Funding your Start up                                            
  •  Accounting for every dollar, for success             
  •  Naming your Gym   
  •  Becoming a Spy                                                     
  •  Location, Location, Location   
  •  Electrical
  •  Lighting 
  •  Air Conditioner and Heat Electrical needs           
  • Cable or Satellite hook up                                     
  • Phone service                                                         
  • Negotiating the Lease                                             
  • Choosing signage for Marketing your Gym          
  • Painting the interior of your gym                           
  • Insurance
  • Plans Drawn up for the building                            
  • The Build out                                                           
  • Getting the Permit for the Build out                       
  • Mirrors
  • Gym Equipment                                                      
  • Parts for gym equipment                                        
  • Flooring
  • Pro Shop Vendors                                                    
  • Office Equipment                                                      
  • Security System                                                        
  • Automated Door Access System                            
  • Gym Management Software                                      
  • Energy Efficiency in your building                          
  • Motion Switches for Lighting                                   
  • Ceiling Fans                                                               
  • Sound Systems and Cardio Theaters                     
  • Electronic Funds Transfer, (EFT) Bank Draft           
  • Accepting Credit Cards                                             
  • Childcare   
  • Waivers
  • Hiring Employees                                                      
  • Hiring Personal Trainers                                           
  • WIFI for members to use                                          
  • Lockers for your locker room                                  
  • Press Release Writing                                               
  • Marketing Checklist                                                  
  • Email Marketing                                                          
  • Website for your gym                                                
  • Google Adwords campaign creation and management                                                       
  • How to run a Grand Opening                                                   
  • Mailing List Companies                                             
  • Social Networking

If you want to know all the wrong things I did, here they are;

  • When I opened I picked the wrong location
  •  used the wrong subcontractors
  •  bought exercise equipment from the wrong people and also bought the wrong equipment
  •  finished my concrete floor with too little sealer
  •  painted some rooms the wrong colors for the right psychological effect (which you’ll learn)
  • Made the tanning bed rooms too small
  • Offered childcare when I wasn’t set up for it correctly
  • Hired the wrong employees
  • Hired the wrong personal trainers
  • Installed the wrong size air conditioner
  • Signed contracts for phone lines that I could have negotiated for a lot less
  • Used the wrong lighting
  • Got sued for $190,000 because of a contract that really didn’t exist (here’s where I made the biggest mistake in believing lady justice is blind, really justice has one eye open, and she’s looking for $$$ not justice), so learn what not to do.

I then turned my business around completely and figured out on my own what no one else would tell me, and I don’t blame them, after all, they learned the way I did.

 182.5 Day/6 month Unlimited Guarantee!!!

Anyone who has a dream of opening a business, and won’t invest in researching the in’s and out’s before going into it, doesn’t deserve to be in business, and probably won’t be for long anyway!!!

Over 200 pages, Instantly downloadable ebook now for only $39.99


Shannon Cook is a marketing consultant to the fitness industry. contact Shannon for questions at

Inexpensive electronic door deadbolts for employee only access areas of your 24 hour gym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Inexpensive electric deadbolts for

 gym employee access control


 Kwikset 907 L03 CP Security Power bolt Electronic Deadbolt, Polished Brass, holds 2 sets of codes, one for you and one for temporary employees in case you want to change it often.

 This is the one I have, I got it for $75 on

I got tired of my employees forgetting their keys and asking me where a spare was when I wasn’t around, so I remembered the electronic deadbolt I had on my old house and went looking for something similar.

To learn every detail of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here

The only thing I didn’t like about the old one i had was that it kept losing the numbers i programmed into it, but after a little research, I found out they fixed the bugs they had when they first came out.

I got mine NEW from, one used and one new, don’t buy used from ebay unless they guarantee it and have tested it. seems to be way better for service.

  Yyou can get them from $50 to $400 but I like the $70-$120 models. they have keyed access also in case the battery or a short in the electrical happens. Their is a blinking light on mine that is green when the battery is fine but blinks red when the battery needs replaced.

I can program up to 2 codes into mine, some can take up to 60 different codes, but are the more costly ones.

If you already have locks on your other doors, you can check the name on them and if they are either “schlage” or “weiser” you can buy that brand of electronic deadbolt and have it keyed to match your old door knobs.

Both schlage and weiser make excellent electronic deadbolts.

I like to use these locks on my office, and security camera dvr room. 

 Good Luck! to your success.  Shannon Cook  

To learn every detail of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here


To learn how to open a 24 hour fitness center, build and start a gym from scratch, manage a gym, and fitness center marketing, check out my book at

How to make a virtual Gym tour video that presells your memberships for you

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

How to make a virtual Gym tour video that pre sells your memberships for you

shooting video


 I made a very simple video tour of my gym TEMPLE GYM, because i kept getting calls and emails about how the 24 hour thing works, and rightly so, because that’s part of the sales persons job.

To learn every detail of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here

Watch my gym video tour, then read on to discover how i did it.

If you want to see my site its at

So, I will tell you what to do. First off, don’t try to go to school for video editing to learn how to make a great explosive video, your not going to the Film festival, are you? here’s what to do.

Please don’t ever get a digital camera and stand in one place and turn around in circles, when someone watches it online it will make you dizzy, not to mention that you cant even tell whats what because it looks like you were standing in front of a circus mirror.

Now here’s what to do:

  • get a digital or video camera, or you could even use a good cell phone if the picture is good enough.
  • have someone film you starting in the parking lot, just like you met them out there to greet them.
  • DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAMERA AT ALL, look at the person holding the camera and act just like you do when someone comes in to visit and see how your gym works.
  • give that camera holder your undivided attention and smile and even laugh if your funny.
  • just talk in simple terms that a 4th grader can understand, don’t get technical, you may have a few people wanting the technical answers, but not the average gym visitor.
  • don’t have a model do the video, you want it to look very homemade, that’s why you tube is so popular.
  • Get a You Tube Account
  • upload the video to you tube, and now you tube actually has an editing feature built in. Cut out whatever you need to. I have a simple editing program called ULEAD VIDEO STUDIO, but you don’t need any of that.
  • All i cut out of my gym video was the beginning where i messed up and the end where it took a minute to cut off the camera and some in between where i was opening the door and she almost dropped the camera. I even added text clouds to some of it.
  • Upload the final edited video.
  • wait for google to finish the uploading.
  • They’ll give you an “embed” code that you can cut and paste into your site wherever you want.

 Good luck.

 To learn every detail of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here