Shannon Cook is the former owner of Temple Gym 24 Hour Fitness Center and Tanning in Northport, Alabama.

I started Temple Gym form scratch by doing all the build out myself, figuring out everything it took to open a gym, getting licensed, picking colors, figuring out gym contracts and cancellation forms, coming up with the name, figuring the floor lay out, flooring, sound system, website, coming up with the automated tanning set up, signage, writing and preforming radio ads, learned how to copywrite for writing my own marketing materials because following other gyms was a terrible mistake due to the fact that they all suck at marketing (thank god), hired and fired many employees, figured out pricing structures, air conditioner requirements, and every other detail that allowed me to open and run a gym which I detail to great extent in the book you can check out at

Here’s what I can do for you:

  1. I am a consultant for many gyms for Marketing and either starting or converting a gym into a 24 hour fitness center. How I used the system and software to make my gym successful.

  2. I look at your gyms marketing (if there is any), if not I tell you exactly what to do to and what not to do.

  3. I look at your website and tell you exactly how I built mine, how I did the video tour and got it on my website, what systems to include,  what your gym need to do because not every gym needs the same marketing plan or content

  4. Create employee checklist and responsibilities guide

  5. Write emails for your email auto responder system, this is a major thing 99% of gyms do not do.

  6. Write radio ads specifically for your gym. Some like only serious ads, some like funny, I’ve written many, many ads and know how to test them and I’ll tell you how.

  7. When we get done at the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have a system that you can use indefinitely to run your 24 hour gym and marketing your fitness center.

I have helped many other gym owners open or convert their gyms into 24 hour automated fitness centers and market them to success.


Shannon sold his gym in 2014 after 11 years in the business and now helps other gym owners make their gyms successful.

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