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How I learned about marketing fitness centers, gym’s, and Health clubs from Andrew Lock, Dan Kennedy, and Yanik Silver

Friday, September 19th, 2008

How i learned about marketing fitness centers, gym’s, and health clubs from Dan Kennedy, Andrew Lock, and Yanik Silver

When i started learning marketing for gyms health clubs and fitness centers i found a podcast from Internet business mastery on ITUNES. I had my eyes opened to offline marketing as much as online marketing by Sterling and Jay, the guys who run the site and podcast.

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They gave me so many free tips and really didn’t try to sell me anything, that’s what attracted me to their podcast and site.

From them I learned about Andrew Lock, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, and many more of the giants of marketing that i have never heard of before.

Of coarse i heard of the big marketers like Donny Douche from the BIG IDEA show on CNBC nightly at 9pm monday through friday. I love Donny’s show, it really helps people, but as far as his marketing company goes it couldn’t help me much because they only really do brand building, which i cant afford.

Anyway, I started researching all these people like Dan Kennedy who taught all the others how to direct market and they all took it online and make millions every year by being really smart.

Dan Kennedy has written many books that go by the title NO B.S. ……, he also has a newsletter monthly and many products for online and offline marketing. He doesn’t like online marketing much and does all his teachings on offline marketing, but has partners that teach his system transferred to online marketing.

Then you have Yanik Silver who helped his father with his business by doing direct mail marketing and then started his own online marketing stuff and has been very successful, and all of these people have very successful seminars they do every year and many speaking events they attend.

Then you have the most down to earth of all of them which is Andrew Lock from the UK, but now lives in America. He offers better and more cost efficient marketing materials and tips that all the others. it’s not cheap, but for the amount of material you get from him on his websites and in the mail, it’s a great deal. He has a personal web site at , and then there’s his free web show he does once a week or every 2 weeks. You can see a preview of it here at this link below.

These are some of the marketers i have learned the most from. I have invested many thousands of $ and many , many hours studying so i could learn to market my own businesses successfully. I’m making a list of books that i have learned from also that I’ll post later.

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Here’s Andrew’s show from

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writing marketing sales letters or brochures for your fitness center, gym, health club

Friday, September 12th, 2008

“Writing your own sales letters for your gym or health club or fitness center”


I know that all the gyms in my town have these brochures of mainly pictures of equipment or a bodybuilder that have dumb sayings and the prices on them. That is what i used to do also, until i tried another approach of using the sales letters i wrote for my mailing list of potential prospects.

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Then i placed a “Take One” box by the front door and started getting phone calls saying they wanted to come and sign up without me even telling them any contract stuff at all because they already knew everything to do and how many months they wanted to sign up.

I have no pictures at all on my brochures and they are 4 pages long. Not all people read the whole thing, but many do because they are signing a contract and many have been screwed by other gyms into signing up for 2 years when they thought they signed up for a year or less.

All the other gym owners i have talked to have said ” who would read all this”, my response is the same everytime, “no one except someone wanting to join a gym”. If i am open about all the pros and cons of my contracts i don’t get very mean phone calls from members that thought they signed up for something different. The first thing the mad member says is “i thought i would be taken out after the contract was up, and i used to have to say, no, if you read the back of the contract in really small writing you’ll see it. This is how the gym business has gotten the used cars salesman look. I now put all the it out front for them to see and they come in now and love it.  I haven’t had not one mad phone call since and i have three times as many members as before.

Just think of if you were walking into a gym for the first time and write all the questions down you would have to ask and then answer them. That’s your sales letter and brochure.

The last thing i do is put my personal cell phone # on all my materials and let them know they can call me anytime, and they all say that they feel they have a personal relationship with someone that does that.

I can be reached at for questions about marketing your fitness center, health club, or gym. thanks, shannon cook

My sales letters that we mail out to prospects for my gym are the exact same brochures we give out in the gym when visitor show up.

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