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Should you allow the BIG MARKETING COMPANIES to come into your gym, fitness center, or health club to do your marketing or use someone smaller who has been in the trenches?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Should you allow some BIG marketing company to come in and take over your gym and tell you what to charge, who to market to, and when to market, and then leave you with the cheap members that will never respect you when your prices go back to normal rates?

Well, you can guess what my answer is can’t you?

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Here’s why i don’t like some of the companies

  • They come in and lower your rates to 19.95 or less per month
  • They intimidate your staff and members into doing things they will regret like, pressuring existing signing up for too long of a contract and causing them to not resign again, and making your employees feel like they have to pressure new members to sign up for longer than they want to thereby causing most of them to default on their contracts by closing their checking accounts or canceling their credit cards.
  • They also take all the income from all the first members that sign up until their initial investment is covered.
  • They then take 1/2 of the rest of the contracts they sing up or you  sign up anytime you run one of their campaigns.
  • Then lastly, they leave you with the cheap members that they attracted by their campaigns. This is the worst of all the above. I tried to be the low price leader for the first two years i was in business, and had tragic results. I got all the cheap people that were so cheap they would “look over their glasses to keep from wearing them out”. I had them fuss about everything from wanting a special piece of equipment to the color of the walls to wanting childcare when we told them we didn’t have it in the first place.

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When you go to the websites of these big companies, and please do, you will see all the testimonials from “BIG GYM OWNERS” saying they made them $250,000 in 3 months. Well what they don’t tell you is that’s the total contract amount from signing up members for 2 years and that’s including the amount they paid the company, then they get their take. In the end they might end up with $100,000 and that’s before taxes and then its spread out over 2 years in most cases.

I have increased my membership by 200% in 8 months and while raising my prices by 30% and lowering my labor by 300%.

I love marketing because I took the time to invent my own specialized marketing campaign for gyms of all types and it worked. From fitness centers, gymnastics clubs, karate studios, etc…   any kind of gym type membership club can use my system. 


To learn every deatil of “how to open a 24 hour gym from scratch”, click here


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