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Mailing list how to’s for target marketing for a fitness center

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

When it comes to direct marketing, first you must decide who your customers are.

 To do this ask yourself and/or your current members, if your an already established gym, ask  these questions below, to get a picture of what type person you need to target for your marketing instead of just mailing to every address around and hope you get some response. 

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  • where do they live, how far from your gym
  • do they live in an apartment, condo, or house
  • where do they work
  • where do they shop
  • what kind of vehicles do they drive
  • how old are they
  • ratio of male to female members
  • what is there income
  • married or single

The reason i have you ask these questions is because when you go to buy a mailing list to do your mail outs to for postcards,sales letters, ect…, you will be able to choose from all those topics above if you use the right list broker.

for instance, I use INFO USA to purchase from because they allow me to query my chosen area by basically drawing a circle around my place of business.

 3 miles around my gym is the size of area i like because most research shows that of your members will be from up to this distance from your gym. 

In that circle i start to select from, income, married and single, education, health, number of vehicles, ect…

Every time i query something else in that circle, the number of households goes down from the total i started with, and finally at the end of my selections, it gives me a total of qualified prospects they have mailing addresses for.

You get to see on a map, like google earth, that you can get an accurate picture of where you are choosing from.

 I then get a price from the list builder per address.

What I love about INFO USA is that they don’t make you pay a per month subscription, although you can, or make you buy a multi use list, meaning you can only use the mailing list one time and if you want to mail multiple times to those addresses, you have to pay for each time you mail.

If you’re thinking you can buy the list for one use and just use it for multiples anyway, you cant.

The list brokers have what they call seed mailings in each batch they sell you, and the seed people know how many mailings their suppose to get.

If they get more mailings than you paid for, they tell the list broker and you get sued, and believe me, it does happen, the list broker will sue.

INFO USA is the best to buy from in my opinion and dealings.

You can find them at

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