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Poor Gym owner, Rich Gym Owner! how i went from a Poor fitness center owner to being on my way to a Rich health club owner in a few months, and you can to

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Rich Gym owner, Poor Gym owner: Which one are you?

I used to be the poor gym owner. I made all the mistakes possible, but I decided to change that right before I almost went under, and here’s how

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·         Did very little research on owning a gym or health club or fitness business

·         I went into a bad location

·         Hired the wrong employees

·         Allowed the wrong personal trainers to train there

·         Didn’t do any advertising or marketing

·         Had poor cardio equipment

·         Had wrong hours of operation

·         Allowed a few of the wrong members to join

·         Went month to month on contracts

·         Offered childcare



·         Research all aspects of owning a fitness business

·         Research location for traffic, rates, utilities, and insurance

·         Hire the right employees by doing checks with former employers

·         Research the personal trainers  just like the employees before hiring

·         Get good cardio equipment

·         Open the gym as 24 hours automated even if you have employees there full time

·         Have a great marketing plan ready to go into effect 1 month before I opened

·         Have a security system I can monitor myself

·         Don’t have childcare in a 24 hour gym

·         Have strict rules for members

·         Have certain contract lengths, of no shorter than 3 months

When I changed all these things, I cut my budget in ½ and raised my income by 150%

Now everything is automated.

I know you may be asking some questions like “why have an automated system for my door if I have employees working 24/7”? , we’ll if employees are like all other employees in the around the world, then you know they get sick,  forget they were suppose to work, or just quit without telling you. In that case you don’t have to have anyone there, if they don’t show up, the members already know how to get in and you wont have go cover there shift at midnight.

For the record, i’m not rich yet, but these things saved my gym business from failing, mostly from the marketing i learned along the way.

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